Civil & Structural Engineers

Civil Power is able to offer extensive civil, structural building and associated services covering all design, drafting and specification for associated civil works of Power Utilities, including design and construction and Project Management.

Civil and Structural design and Project

We have extensive experience in Civil and Structural design and Project Management of Transmission and Distribution System infrastructure. Our team members consist of former SEC(Victoria) Civil Engineers and Draftsmen who between them have in excess of 80 manyears of Transmission facility design/construction Project Management experience.

The following provides an overview of civil engineering (and related disciplines) available from Civil Power.

  • Civil and structural engineering design and drafting,
  • Building design and documentation
  • Project Specifications and Contract preparation,
  • Conceptual design of Transmission stations, buildings, Control centres,
  • Environmental analysis of existing facilities (transformer oil compounds, station drainage etc.)
  • Approval planning (Planning Permits, Building Permits and other Statutory requirements
  • Advisory services, including feasibility studies, layout design, estimating etc. to ensure any development is fully optimised.
  • Quotations, Tender Submissions and cost planning for Transmission Projects.
  • Preparation of Bills Of Quantities
  • Contracting of Civil Works (tendering, contract management, contract administration)
  • Construction supervision, programming of works, subcontracting
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Design and Construct of civil works
  • Other related services – please ask

Civil Power offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the complex needs of modern Power Utiliites.

Our team members understand the special requirements of the Power Industry and in particular are able to work with limited design brief and detailed information – relying heavily on our experience and knowledge we are able to anticipate the specialised requirements. We have developed practices and procedures, which enable effective integration of ideas; we call on our extensive experience and are able to provide innovative and varied solutions to special problems. We have a thorough working knowledge of HV Power Equipment and are able to offer constructive specific advice to assist the client.

Through our experience and industry background we have developed specialised contacts with a host of associated consultants which enables us to act as a virtual large organisation in line with today’s Corporate trend,

Civil Power provide our own in house services and fully co-ordinate associated Consultants to provide a single point of Contact for the client saving both time and money for our clients.

Our preference is to be fully involved in all projects from conception to completion and we specialise in planning design construction and project management.

Civil Power is fully committed to project delivery on time and within budget.

We guarantee our service delivery will achieve results for the client which will enhance their bottom line.

Civil Power is able to offer specialist Consultants who are recognised and respected in their field to provide services in the following areas

  • Planning
  • Tender submission
  • Tender analysis and review
  • Cost engineering and estimating
  • Civil and structural design
  • Building design
  • Project/construction management
  • Associated services include
  • Surveying
  • Quantity surveying
  • Accoustic analysis and design

We utilise specialist analysis and design computer programs including CAD or manual drafting. We believe in a hands on approach to all aspects of our work.

We are committed to quality assurance and over the course of the coming year aim to fully implement QA programs to become accredited to ISO 9000 requirements.