Civil & Structural Engineers


  • South Morang 330 kV Series Compensator Project

Civil Power was recently awarded a Design & Construct Contract for civil engineering associated with the 330 kV Series Capacitor Banks at South Morang Terminal Station.

This Project is unique as it is the first time this type of facility has been constructed in Australia. CivilPower targeted this project some time ago and accepted the challenge to demonstrate our capacity and expertise in meeting the strict Contract conditions imposed by GPUPowernet.

The Contract value of this Project is approximately $600,000 and work includes design and construct of earthworks, roads, drainage, fire service footings and associated security fencing. The total developed site is approximately 9000 sq. m in area in a difficult low lying flood prone location adjacent GPUPowernet’s existing 500 and 330 kV facility.

Work commenced in late April 1998and was undertaken to a very tight time schedule with design being fast tracked to ensure completion of all primary works in mid July.  Electrical erection was completed in December 1998 along with security fencing and final surfacing and associated civil work.


  • Richmond Terminal Station 220 kV 5th Transformer Project

Civil Power completed the design of this transformer slab and associated works. The Transformer is located on an abandoned Quarry site which required design of piling to support the transformer slab.

Our involvement includes construction management. The Project is now complete (late March 1999) and the Transformer in service.

Richmond Terminal Station civil power


Civil Power was awarded major Civil and Structural Design Contracts by Enetech (earthworks, roads & drainage etc.) and Alstom (Switchyard Structures & Footings) for a new 500 kV Switchyard development at Rowville in Victoria.

This Transformation Project consists of bays 2 & 3 of a future 5 Bay development on a virgin site.

Earthwork and road s design included extensive cut and fill (up to 8 m of cut) into underlying sedimentary rock. Road works design included interface with Stud Road Rowville (to VicRoads requirements). Construction is complete.

Civil design included Fire Service Main and Hydrant system, & Domestic water system and telecom provision and storm water drainage. CivilPower also undertook civil design associated with the High Tech “Sergi” Oil containment system in accordance with EPA requirements.


Structural design consists of development of innovative 500 kV Gantry or Rack Structures utilising tubular steel for tower and girder construction. The unique design was undertaken for full termination of Transmission Lines with loads of 660 kN per bay at a take off height of 23 m. Structural design included ladders and walkways and all associated minor structures (and associated footings) for all plant items in the switchyard.

Further details of this Project and our involvement are available if required.

ENETECH & ALSTOM civil power


As DTA, we have provided comprehensive services to PowerNet, Burns & Roe Worley and Siemens during this time and have worked on projects in five States of Australia as well as Internationally (Sri Lanka October 1997), China (Chan Chun Provinvce) and Fiji.

As Civil Power we pro actively pursue all Power Utility Projects projects such

  • Second Power Station Expansion Project  (Sri Lanka)
  • Dumaresq 330 kV Switching Station (for Transgrid)

The following is a list of other major project with which we have been associated in recent times

For Eastern Energy

  • Civil Design and Construction for Temporary Zone Substation BWK (Berwick) including Earthworks, Fencing, Bund wall construction and Earthing associated with the installation of 66kV Transformer and associated switchgear.
  • Civil Design of Transformer slab and associated switchgear at Sub SM (South Melbourne)
  • Civil Design and Construction of Transformer slab and associated switchgear at Sub MF (Maffra)

In conjunction Burns & Roe Worley

  • Civil and structural design and contract preparation for the RTS Transformer installation – Complete
  • Sapugaskanda PS 132 kV Gantry Structure (design and drafting)
  • Environmental Analysis and design of Switchyards transformer drainage and bund walls,
    • HWTS 500 kV (north and south)
    • HWPS Switchyard
    • GTS 66/220kV switchyard
    • KTS 66/220/500 kV switchyard
    • RCTS 66/220kV switchyard
    • Contract Management for Environmental of Switchyards drainage system construction,
    • RCTS 220/66 and 22 kV switchyards

GPU Powernet Contracts

Accommodation Upgrade – Bendigo Terminal Station

Office accommodation and upgrade maintenance building, mess and ablution facilitates value $150,000

  • Preliminary architectural design and budget provision
  • Contract documentation
  • Project Management


Accommodation Upgrade – Thomastown Area Centre

Office accommodation, extend existing machine building and construct a new storage building value $340,000

  • Preliminary architectural design and budget estimate
  • Civil, structural & architectural design and drafting,
  • Contract documentation, specification
  • Tender evaluation, interviews, Order
  • Contract administration and project management.

Oil Containment facility – Redcliffs Terminal Station

Construction of bunding and drainage for oil containment 220 kV transformers and associated oil filled plant value $70,000

  • Preliminary design and budget estimate
  • Civil design and drafting of bunding and drainage, pump system and float detection,
  • Contract documentation, specification,
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contract administration and project management

In conjunction with Siemens

DTA has worked with Siemens to assist with preliminary design and Tender submissions on major project works along with civil and structural design as required.

Other recent major projects assisted with are;

  • Tender evaluation, analysis, estimating and submission for SPSEP (Sri Lanka) – $2.5M approx. value)

This project involved an extended visit to Sri Lanka, negotiations with Contractors, Siemens India and CEB. Preparation of detailed Tender submission, contract pricing, risk analysis and project strategy for construction, preliminary BoQ and project costing – Expect Contract award.

  • Sapugaskanda PS Stage 2 preliminary design and tender estimate (project design near completion – construction commencing soon March/April 1998),
  • Tender submissions including preparation of estimates, preliminary design, subcontract identifaction etc.
    • Ross SVC
    • Lismore SVC
    • Cadia 132 Kv Swithyard
    • Various Capacitor Banks (66 kV to 220 kV)
    • Bairnsdale SVC
  • Structural design various Plant items support structures (WA, NSW, Tas, Vic. Qld, China)
  • Conductor sag analysis


Other recent clients include;

  • Department on Conservation & Natural Resources
  • Police Air Wing
  • RAAF

Our individual team members have extensive knowledge of all major HV Substation in Victoria having designed and built the following whilst employed by the former SEC;

  • ROTS 220kV Switchyard
  • Sydenham 500 kV Switchyard
  • ROTS 500 kV Development
  • ROTS Control Centre
  • ROTS Static Compensator.
  • South Morang 500 kV S/Yd
  • HYTS 220/500 kV S/yd
  • Loy Yang 500 kV Switchyards
  • WOTS 330 kV
  • and many others

Included in this work were associated transmission projects such as the ERTS to JLA Transmission Line and design/development of the low level 500 kV Rack Structure.

We have extensive experience in the design and development of similar switchyards such as Loy Yang A & B 500 kV and Heywood 500/220 kV to name the most recently constructed sites. Our design experience extends from Transformer enclosures to Rack Structures and covers all related electrical equipment civil and structural design.